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Arbequina 100%

Aceite Oliva Virgen Extra-Arbequina: 100% Arbequina


The estate Los Olivos is located in the heart of Montes de Toledo, in the town of Noez (Toledo), a few kilometres from the historic city. It has an area of over 150 hectares and a population of over 7500 olive trees. The estate houses the mill that produces the olive bearing the name of its makers: Arzuaga Olive Oil.

Arzuaga olive oils are produced with olives harvested by beating the branches of olive trees, a method usually employed in collecting fruits once they have reached the right point of maturity. Olives that fall naturally from the tress are never used.
Olives are green with a fruity aroma and hints of apple, almond and tomato plant. In the mouth, they are finely balanced, with light bitter and spicy nuances.  
During the production process, tradition and the most advanced techniques are combined. In no case a temperature exceeding 27ºC is allowed. The olive oil is stored in stainless steel tanks until it is placed in the market.

  • Capacity: 50 cl
  • Composition: Arbequina
  • Country: España
  • Country-Area: Toledo