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Grape Varieties

TINTO FINO or TEMPRANILLO:  Exceptional adaptation. Closed petiolar sinus; scratchy, hairy back. Medium-sized, double, compact clusters. Intense violet-coloured wines with outstanding berry aromas combined with black forest fruits. Strong tannin to sweet over-maturation. Medium acidity.

CABERNET SAUVIGNON: Good adaptation. U-shaped, open petiolar sinus. Scarcely scratchy, hairy back. Small, compact clusters with small spherical berries. Late budding. High acidity wines with green pepper aromas and black fruits when over-mature. Strong tannin.

MERLOT: Medium adaptation, hard to set, medium-sized leaves with open petiolar sinus, scratchy back and hairless petiole. Loose medium-sized clusters of bluish black berries. Medium-acidity wines with black fruit aromas and nut nuances. Medium tannin.

CHARDONNAY: A white grape vine (Vitis vinifera) originally produced in the Burgundy region, in France. The grape is small and rounded, honey-hued when mature. After undergoing the winemaking process, Chardonnay grapes produce a smooth, aromatic must. When aged in oak casks, it acquires distinguishing aroma and flavour qualities.

PINOT NOIR:A red grape vine (Vitis vinifera), it is regarded as one of the most international and elegant varieties. The name of this grape comes from the French words for “pine” and “black”, respectively. This vine grows a pine cone-shaped cluster with a characteristic violet black colour. The Pinot Noir grapes grow mainly in cold regions and produce a very fine, low-tannin, medium-bodied wine that awakens refined and subtle sensations in the mouth. It is also a highly smooth, fresh and fruity wine with an excellent bouquet and an acidity level that leaves a lingering, lively, non-aggressive aftertaste.